Horse and Human Rehabilitation Centre

Horses for Adoption

DANE (Exalted Dane)

17yrs, 15.2hh, TB, Mare

Dane has a black beauty look about her. Easy going girl, can rug, trim, catch. Can take a little while to go into the float but doesn't take long to convince her. Only suited as a companion due to an old knee injury. Mid range in the pecking order.


SCULLY  (Akhatra)

17yrs, 16hh, Chestnut, TB, Mare

This beautiful girl came to us quite traumatised with a very large laceration on her face. She is all healed now and it has barely left a scar. Scully is a very sweet mare that is easy to handle, can be a little shy to catch but easy with a treat. Easy to trim, float and rug. Scully is a sensitive girl and can be reactive if pressured too much however easily settles and very willing if you go gently.

She does have arthritis in her back end however doesn’t affect her in the paddock. She is broken in but can be reactive and due to her age we feel would be better suited to retirement life as a companion only horse. She is very low in the pecking order. This girl just needs an amazing family that will give her love and attention and show her the world isn’t all bad.


DILLY (Double Dilinger)

18yrs, 15.1hh, Standardbred, Gelding.

Registered SPPHASA

Dilly is a sweet but nervous boy that prefers to get to know his human and bond one on one. He has done numerous therapy sessions and always tries his best. Easy to catch, rug, trim and float as long as you go slow and allow him time to relax. Previously he was broken in however it was a long time ago and due to his age and nervousness we are offering him as a companion pet. With time, patience and understanding could possibly be ridden again. Mid range in the pecking order


MISSY  (Bloomin Elusive)

9yrs, 15.3hh, Chestnut, TB, Mare

Missy is a stunner with lots of bling, She is easy to catch, float, trim, and rug. This girl is broken in but has some big issues under saddle, This girl has a tendency to buck when anxious and boy does she know how to buck. Has been cleared by chiro and bodyworker, she is just reactive if something spooks her etc. For a very experienced rider she would make a nice project as with time I do believe she would improve however we are recommending she be homed as a companion only horse not to be ridden due to the level of danger in her bucking. On the ground she is a sweet smart and sensitive girl. This girl is a looker so possibly suit in hand showing or to breed a nice show horse from as she has lovely confirmation too. Has had a foal previous no problems. 



15yrs, 16hh, Warmblood, Mare

This girl seriously has stolen my heart but unfortunately I can’t keep them all. This girl is quite well educated and most likely excelled in dressage when she was younger. She has a few lumps and bumps now and some arthritis so is no longer suited to a competition home. Ideally this girl would love a simpler life now where she can be ridden in a much more relaxed way. She is quite forward moving and needs a confident relaxed rider. Awesome out trail riding in company on her own can get a bit nervous, but with more work I think she would improve. Very quiet on the ground and easy to do everything with. Can be a bit hard to float due to previous bad experience but doesn’t take much and she goes in. Suited to a rider with experience due to her big forward movement. No vices.