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Horses for Adoption

6yrs, 7hh, Mini, Gelding (rig)
Who loves a challenge? Meet Tiny Tim although he is small in size in personality he is mighty. This boy unfortunately is a rig and is convinced he’s still a stallion exhibiting many stallion like behaviours. He can be very sweet and does try to behave, he just has a few challenges. Can be difficult to catch but a carrot quickly solves that. Can handle front hooves no problems back ones he can be more difficult but most likely just needs some more training. Will tie up, groom, and lead no problems.
Best suited to not be with mares as does harass them and want to mount, dominant geldings or stallions he’s good with. Not suited as a child pony due to his behaviour. This boy is the cutest little man but needs the right home to suit his temperament. He does have a slightly turned in hind leg but completely paddock sound.

Tiny tim_edited.jpg


TB, Gelding, 16.1hh, 13 yrs

Ike is a sweet gentle boy that so easy to handle. Good to catch, trim, float or rug. Cannot be ridden unfortunately due to kissing spine, but would make a fantastic, therapy companion or pet for someone wanting a non ridden horse



POPE (Holy Fire NZ)
12yrs, 16hh, TB, Gelding, Bay
Pope is a real sweet boy that has lots of energy and character. Easy to catch, trim, float and rug. This boy unfortunately is only suited as a companion, or therapy horse due to a tilted pelvis. Completely paddock sound. Good doer. Low in the pecking order.


Approx 28yrs, approx 12hh, Welsh x, Mare

Queenie is a sweet older lady that has been through a tough time before coming to us. She can be caught, leads, ties up and floats. She can be nervous about having her hooves handled but is improving. Due to previous treatment she can be headshy but again improving. She's mid range in the pecking order. Suit companion to another older pony.



Ruby 1.jpg

RUBY (Unnamed)
13yrs, Standardbred, Approx 15.2hh, Mare

Ruby has personality, this girl has the mare face down pat. Although she is opinionated, she is very easy to ride and quite bold. Not a big fan of the arena as she is somewhat unbalanced in the confined area but as long as you go slow, she’s fine. She is great at trail riding, and I believe would only improve more with regular outings.
She is not the prettiest girl around and has a blemish on her leg. So not sure showing would be in her future.
Easy to catch, rug, trim, can be hesitant to get on float but doesn’t take much convincing and again would improve with more outings. Currently ridden bitless.
Registered with SPPHASA. This girl would be fine for an intermediate - experienced rider. Potentially would be ok for a confident beginner under guidance of an instructor.
Vet checks are welcome. UTD with everything

Peli (Pelicano)
TB, 15yrs, 16hh, Gelding
This boy is such a sweetheart, so easy on the ground nothing really fazes him. Is laid back to ride but quiet. Only had a few trail rides, was a little looky but relatively good would improve with more outings.
Easy to catch, rug, trim and float. Currently ridden bitless.
Would make a great project for someone to bring into more work unfortunately I haven’t had the time to put the training in that I had hoped. Would suit trail riding, pony club, encourage shows etc.
Suit intermediate – exp rider
Vet checks welcome. UTD with everything.

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